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Welcome to Oak Grove PRESCHOOL!
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Preschool Enrollment for Fall 2023-2024 will begin in March 2023. 


Our licensed preschools are preparing children for entry into Transitional Kindergarten/ Kindergarten, beginning as early as two years and eight months old. 

We believe in teaching and nurturing the students in all the areas that will make them better prepared for kindergarten including self-regulation, social expression, self-care, and motor skills as well as academics. Recent research has shown that kindergarten teachers want children ready for the social element of school as well as the academics. If students are ready to take care of their personal needs, get along with others, sit in circle, and sometimes work independently, then great academic goals can be achieved.

In preparing our students for the academics of kindergarten, we use state adopted curriculum and research-based, culturally responsive instructional strategies.  Our preschool teachers engage in professional development throughout the year and work collaboratively to make data-driven decisions about their students’ needs.

Our days and weeks follow a routine and schedule that the children come to depend on. All days include calendar, circle time, phonics, center-based play and exploration, outside play and socialization, small group academic time and snack.  All children must be potty-trained to attend.

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