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Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer Requirements 

Individuals are not allowed to begin a volunteer school assignment until the following steps are completed:  

  1. Volunteer application with proof of TB test or TB Risk assessment form within (4 years) or clear chest x-ray attached. Click HERE for the OGSD Volunteer Application.

  2. Fingerprint Clearance

    • Once an application is received by HR, volunteers will receive an email with Department of Justice form and fingerprint details. 

  3. Proof of Vaccination must be provided to the site principal. If not vaccinated, weekly testing must be provided to the site. 


Note: School volunteers, and school campus guests, are required to sign-in at the school office upon entering the school premises and must sign- out when they exit the campus. 


Fingerprint and tuberculosis test results must be on file for volunteers that are: 

  • On Going-Long Term: Volunteering at the school regularly 

  • At School: Volunteering with direct contact with students 

  • Face to Face: Volunteering on school grounds or in the classroom with direct student contact 

  • Alone: Volunteering as the sole adult with students, unsupervised with students (i.e.,field trip, field trip driver,  volunteer coaches, persons assisting in the classroom, has direct contact with students and may be the sole adult with students)


For more information and opportunities please visit or contact your school office.  In addition, you can contact our Human Resources Division at 408-227-8300 or email Elisabeth Navarro at 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

1. Why does the school require that volunteers be fingerprinted? 

The purpose of the criminal background check is to ensure a person is permitted by law to participate in a school setting as a volunteer or employee. 


2. I had to be fingerprinted for work. Can this be used for OGSD? 

No, Oak Grove School District requires new fingerprint clearance be conducted before volunteers can begin working with students on behalf of the school. We do not share or accept fingerprints from any 3rd parties. 


3. Why do I need to be tested for Tuberculosis? 

In accordance with Health & Safety Code 121545 volunteers must show proof of tuberculosis clearance within 4 years prior to volunteering. 


4. Where can I get a tuberculosis test? 

Individuals can utilize their own healthcare provider or use free/low cost community clinics to obtain a TB screening. TB risk assessment will be provided and will be accepted in lieu of a TB test result. 


5. For some volunteer tasks, I’m not sure if I need to be fingerprinted. How can I know? 

Will I be volunteering on the school premises on more than one occasion? 
Will I participate directly with students on school grounds? 
If the answer is YES to any of these questions you will need to have your fingerprints on file with Human Resources.


6. Do I have to be fingerprinted to attend award ceremonies or performances for my child? 

No, only event volunteers will need to be fingerprinted. 


7. What if I have an offense or violation on my record? 

Not everyone with an offense on their record will be excluded. Each situation is handled confidentially on a case by case basis. Please note all volunteers are asked to disclose any and all prior history of criminal convictions and minor traffic violations.