Board Resolutions

2022-2023 school year

Resolution No. 1436-05/23 - Recognizing the Month of May as National Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Resolution No. 1437-05/23 - In Recognition of Classified School Employees Week

Resolution No. 1438-05/23 - Recognizing the Month of May as National Jewish American Heritage Month

Resolution No. 1439-6/23 - A Resolution of the Board of Education of the Oak Grove School District Adopting and Approving the Associate Membership Agreement Joining the Education Technology Joint Powers Authority

Resolution No. 1440-06/23 - Budget Transfer of Funds

Resolution No. 1441-06/23 - Revenue Budget Changes

Resolution No. 1442-06/23 - Establish Temporary Interfund Transfers of Special or Restricted Fund Moneys

Resolution No. 1443-06/23 - Recognizing the Month of June has National LGBTQ+ Pride Month

2023-2024 school year

Resolution No. 1444-09/23 - Appropriations Expenditure Limitation Increase

Resolution No. 1445-09/23 - Textbook and Instructional Materials Compliance

Resolution No. 1447-09/23 - Resolution Adopting a Plan for Expending One-time Resources Sale Proceeds from Miner Elementary School Pursuant to Education Code Section 17463.7

Resolution No. 1453-02/24 - Recognizing the Month of February as Black History Month

Resolution No. 1454-03/24 - Resolution of Intent to Dedicate Public Utility Easement to the Pacific Gas and Electric Company for the District's Participation in the Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Electrical Vehicle Fleet Program (PENDING FINAL APPROVAL at the Thursday, April 18, 2024 Board of Trustees Meeting)