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Glider Property


June 17, 2021 Board of Trustees
Unanimous approval to negotiate a purchase/sale agreement
with True Life Communities 
In closed session, the Board discussed a number of real property negotiation matters, including in relation to the closed Glider Elementary School Site. Following a public input process, the Board previously declared the Glider site surplus to its needs and adopted a resolution of intent to sell or lease the Glider site. The Board also received a waiver from the State Board of Education that allows the District to use a request for proposal process for that sale or lease.
The District issued requests for proposals, and received multiple proposals for the property. Consistent with the requirements of the Education Code, on May 13, 2021, the Board declared in open session that it had received a total of five proposals for the Glider site, including four proposals to purchase the property, from City Ventures, Robson Homes, Toll Brothers, and True Life Communities, and one proposal to lease the site from Mr. Joe Wagner.
Pursuant to the terms of the State waiver, after receiving and declaring the proposals, the Board has 60 days in which to select the proposer it wishes to negotiate with towards a purchase or lease agreement, if any. Tonight, in closed session, the Board discussed the five proposals and directed staff to negotiate a purchase and sale agreement with True Life Communities. The Board selected True Life’s proposal as the most desirable because it is the highest in terms of purchase price. True Life also established their qualifications to work with our local community and to commit to public outreach and engagement in planning for any development of the site. The Board appreciates that True Life’s Executive Vice President, Scott Menard, is very familiar with the community and committed to its well-being. Both Mr. Menard and his wife grew up in the local area and attended District schools. Mr. Menard also has extensive experience with residential development in San Jose generally.
Although the Board has selected True Life as the preferred proposer with whom to negotiate, no final action has been taken to sell the Glider site. Tonight’s decision was simply to decide which proposer the District would negotiate with towards the specific terms and conditions of the purchase and sale agreement. Final approval of any resulting agreement for sale of the site will occur transparently in open session.
Press Release


June 7, 2021

San Jose, CA

Oak Grove School District has received inquiries and public comment regarding the closed Glider Elementary School located at 511 Cozy Drive. Superintendent Jose Manzo announces: “The District appreciates the community’s interest. The District wishes to clarify that there are no final plans regarding development of the site, and that it will likely be several months before the School Board will enter into any agreement which could lead to the development of future plans for the site.”

Due to ongoing cuts in state funding and significant drops in enrollment, the School District has investigated ways to reduce expenses since at least 2017. The District is not alone in this regard, as demographic projections from the California Department of Finance suggest that California’s public K–12 school system is entering a long period of declining enrollment. Based on these circumstances, according to Superintendent Jose Manzo, the School Board is exploring options and opportunities to help stabilize programs and services for kids. This includes consideration of surplus real property, which can be a valuable asset for the school districts, particularly in the Bay Area. The District’s extensive efforts to reach out to and involve the public began in 2017 with the formation of a School Consolidation Committee, consisting of 38 members that included parents and community members, to review the potential consolidation of eight elementary school campuses. This ultimately led the School Board to close Glider Elementary School effective for the 2018-19 school year.

The School Board appointed a 7-11 District Advisory Committee, which held a series of public meetings regarding District surplus properties before reporting its findings to the Board in January of 2020. Both the School Consolidation Committee and the 7-11 District Advisory Committee meetings were publicly noticed and open meetings, and the reports of each were received and acted on by the School Board in open meetings. Superintendent Manzo explains, “The District has been and will remain transparent through this process.”

On March 12, 2020, the Governing Board adopted a Resolution of Intent to Sell or Lease the Glider site, again at a public meeting. The District then sent out public notices, including multiple notices in print media, regarding the potential sale or lease of the site. Following the release of requests for proposals for the possible purchase or lease of the site, at its meeting of May 13, 2021, the Board publicly identified the entities that submitted proposals to buy or lease the Glider site.

At a future meeting, likely in June, the Board will select the entity that it prefers to negotiate a contract with for the Glider property. Superintendent Manzo explains that “the Board will neither consider nor approve a binding contract on that date; it will merely identify which entity it wishes to begin negotiations with towards such a contract.” The District is in the early stages of considering sale or lease of the site and is therefore unable to provide a specific timeframe for the process. If a purchase contract is ultimately approved and signed, the buyer or lessee would conduct due diligence investigations of the property and begin the process of securing entitlements from the City of San Jose for future use and development of the property. That process would involve extensive planning, public outreach, and opportunity for public comment and input.

The District is sensitive to concerns expressed by community members, including that the site may be sold for high-density housing that is not compatible with the surrounding neighborhoods. “The District wishes to assure the community that the proposals for purchase or lease of the site that the District has received do not propose high density development, and while development approvals ultimately rest with the City of San Jose, the District anticipates that future use and development of the site will be compatible with the surrounding neighborhoods,” indicates Superintendent Manzo.

Superintendent Manzo concludes: “We remain very early in the public process and it will be many months or years before a proposed developer submits a plan for approval to the City. We expect that there will be ample time for robust community input into this process, and we will ensure that any future developer is conducting outreach to the Glider neighborhood about potential future uses of the site.”

Board Appointed Property Advisory Committee
Before the sale, lease, or rental of any excess real property (with some exceptions) the District’s Board must appoint an advisory committee to advise the Board in developing policies and procedures regarding use or disposition of excess property.
Ed. Code § 17388) 


Board appointed members must be representative of each of the following: 
      • The ethnic, age group, and socioeconomic composition of the District
      • The business community
      • Landowners or renters
      • Teachers,
      • Administrators
      • Parents of students
      • Persons with expertise in environmental impact, legal contracts, building codes, and land use planning
Act in an advisory capacity to review and make recommendations to the Board regarding use and disposition of excess property
Board makes the final decision

511 Cozy Drive, San Jose

35,491 SF Permanent Buildings

10,080 SF Portable Buildings

Request Board Meeting notices, please email 
Surplus Property 7-11 Advisory Committee
School Consolidation Advisory Committee