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Educational Services Department » Virtual Learning Academy (replaces Long Term Independent Studies)

Virtual Learning Academy (replaces Long Term Independent Studies)

Long Term Independent Studies is now "The Virtual Learning Academy", our program is an established, alternative instructional program through which all enrolled pupils in grades TK-8 may achieve curriculum objectives in a setting other than the regular classroom. Virtual Learning Academy gives parents the opportunity to teach their children at home with support from a supervising, credentialed teacher. This program offers monthly Class Days and Field Trips to build a vibrant community of learners of all age groups. These are standards based and designed to enrich the curriculum for all students.


The Virtual Learning Academy is FREE of charge and open to all students in the Oak Grove School District and to all in the state of California with an inter-district transfer.

Two options are available: Online and traditional textbook. Both options are rigorous, relevant and focused on high expectations for all students. Both are district approved and aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

The program offers educational class days and field trips that are designed to promote the social and emotional development of students who are learning at home.


Parents need to request enrollment to the Virtual Learning Academy at least five days in advance.  This request should be made by calling the Program Office at (408) 225-5675 X 312241.


Catherine Olson

Supervising Teacher

Del Roble Elementary School

5345 Avenida Almendros

San Jose, CA 95123

What Parents are Saying:


 “My son and I have been doing the Long-term Independent Study for two years and we really love it. Right now we are doing a hybrid of the online program, as well as pieces of the traditional program in Language Arts. This allows us to accommodate my son in areas that he is excelling and meet him at his academic level. The instruction manuals are very helpful to me as his coach, and the diverse learning activities keep things exciting for my son.”

J.R., First Grade Parent


“I really appreciate being able to use the online program through the district. My kids are getting high quality academics, support from a teacher, and we have more time for life. As their coach, I am less stressed keeping up with their lessons than with the take home homework from previous classrooms.”

D.W., Parent of three in Independent Study


“The program has worked for us. It’s modern, engaging and allows us to explore other means to learn from. It’s interactive and speaks to students in a way they’re more familiar with in today’s world. There are lessons that are optional or you can interject real life experience, knowledge, even stuff you recall from your own education. The online staff and the iREADY staff are very helpful and are available any time you need assistance.”

M.E., Third Grade Learning Coach


Short-Term Independent Study for Traveling Students     Image of globe with buildings around edge

The Long Term Independent Study Travel Program offers families an alternative to fully withdrawing from school when travel is longer than 10 school days.

This choice program moves traveling students from their local school site to OGSD Independent Study Program, and places each student on a contract to complete all assigned school work while away from the local area.