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Oak Grove School District

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Gifted & Talented Education (GATE)

GATE in the Schools

Each school offers unique activities for their gifted learners. The GATE teacher coordinator and parent community work together to organize a variety of workshops, classes, field trips and learning opportunities either after school or during the school day. Tapping into the “funds of knowledge” within the school community can often be the best way to create dynamic programming for GATE students. What special gift, talents, and careers can be shared? Here are some ideas for teachers and parents (based on what schools have done in the past):
  • Art class – students can assist with school posters for events
  • Book club
  • CPR class
  • Chess/Checker club
  • Cookie, cupcake decorating
  • Cooking Club
  • Dance Club
  • Debate Club
  • Field Trips: Tech museum, Full Circle Farms, Christmas in the Park, Theatre, Google, Glass Blowing Institute, Channel 11, HP Pavilion – Sharks locker room
  • Game day
  • Guest Presenters: NASA engineer, Park Ranger, Firefighter
  • Involve GATE students in city-wide or county-wide art, poetry, writing contests
  • Language Club
  • Mock Trials
  • Model United Nations
  • Music/Art Appreciation
  • Music class
  • Participation in OGSD’s Cultural Arts Expo Technology – apps, computer programs, online tools
  • Pen Pals
  • Production of winter or talent show
  • Robotics and engineering class
  • Science Fair
  • Science Workshops (Schmahl Science, Youth Science Institute)
  • Sewing Class
  • Spelling bee
  • Student Newsletter
  • Theater games/Improv class
  • Wildlife Association workshop
Below are some useful links for parents to get ideas for setting up GATE workshops at a school site: