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Child Nutrition Services Department

Oak Grove School District is requesting that the parent and/or guardian of each student complete the Education Benefit Form. Only 1 per household is required. Please complete by December 31st. 

The information provided will be kept confidential and it will not be shared with any outside agencies.

This income information will strictly be used by the district to apply for services, grants, programs and/or special funding that is offered by several Local, State and Federal programs that will benefit the student and schools. Our district is proud of its diversity and ability to assist and serve the students of this with a variety of programs and services. The following is an example of items or services the funds will pay for:

 Special Ed Programs

 Special training and projects

 Computers, Laptops, Hot Spot devices

 Books and Classroom Supplies

 Transportation Services

 Solar Panel and Energy Services

 Construction and Maintenance Projects

 Literacy and Enrichment Services

Email Form to or
Print and Mail Completed Form to:
Oak Grove School District Office
ATTN: CNS Department - Bessie Solins
6578 Santa Teresa Blvd
San Jose, CA 95119*
Meal Prices - Effective January 1, 2020
Student Breakfast - $2.00 / Student Lunch - $3.50

EZSchoolPay - Online Meal Account Access


EZSchoolPay is a service offered to help both schools and parents. It helps your student to receive his/her school meals quickly and without interruption of service. You can use to make prepayments to your student’s school meal account anytime using your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card (credit or debit). You can also monitor your student’s meal account balance online -- updated as often as every ten minutes!

**Other abilities include online history of your student’s meal activity, and low-balance email alerts. These abilities are free to the parent!

Online meal payments are available to your student within minutes!

(schedule is dependent on the school procedures and the meal accounting system used).

Payments can be added to your student’s account anytime, whether it’s 11:00 PM or 30 minutes before the lunch bell. You can feel safe knowing that all transactions are secure. The website is built using 128-bit digital encryption, providing maximum protection of your credit card information - Click the link to get started!!

Recently, we've heard from members of the community who want to know how they can help ensure that every student has access to healthy meals on campus. That's why we've partnered with EZSchoolPay to provide an opportunity for you to make tax-deductible donations toward student meals.
Please click on this picture link and visit the online portal to make a donation today
You'll be taken to the EZSchoolPay screen, there you can login in as a "Guest" user and then click on the Donate button, select which school you would like to donate, enter your dollar amount, click add to your Cart and complete payment information.

For more enrichment activities, visit Lift Off's Playground:

Oak Grove School District's Child Nutrition Services Department is committed to providing all students with nutritious, well-balanced meals to nourish their bodies and minds for learning.
This is a notification for families of a meal price increase on regular breakfast and lunch for both students and adults.

Oak Grove School District

Breakfast and Lunch Meal Prices














Online Free and/or Reduced Meal Application
Nutrition Advisory Committee Meeting - January 26, 2021