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Program Options

Innovative program options for all families. These programs have no boundary restrictions and the Virtual Learning Academy is open to all students countywide and in seven adjacent counties.

AdVENTURE STEM Program (5-8) at Herman Intermediate 
AdVENTURE is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) oriented 5th through 8th-grade program, located on the Herman Intermediate School campus. AdVENTURE is an award-winning program for significantly enhancing student success. Hands-on integrated instruction and project-based learning with a college/career focus, aiming to prepare students for the demands of the 21st Century. Rigorous, collaborative program open to students of all ability levels.  The curriculum is based on Common Core Standards. Students have access to technology in all classes and gain hands-on experience in STEM fields through real-world projects, public speaking presentations, field trips, and guest speakers. Students participate in all aspects of middle-school life, including daily Physical Education, after school sports (6th -8th grades), lunchtime clubs and technology-centered classes such as Maker Space, computer science, video-game design, and engineering design. Students are welcome to apply at any grade-level. However, students benefit from the full AdVENTURE experience if enrolled for multiple years. Admissions Information
Indigo Program (K-8) at Frost Elementary
Indigo is a K-8 Program Options designed to educate the whole child while continuing to value the unique learning styles, skills, and abilities of each child so they will be prepared to make a positive impact in the world. Housed on the Frost Elementary School campus, our close-knit community offers a safe, caring, and nurturing learning environment for the children and a support network for the teachers and families. We provide multi-age interactions and theme-based, constructivist-learning activities through a Positive Discipline approach. The Positive Discipline approach fosters cooperation, self-regulation, community, mutual respect, and problem-solving skills with logical and natural consequences. Strong parent involvement, a vital component of the Indigo Program, allows us to lower the student to adult ratio in the classroom. The program provides wonderful enrichments like K-8 art, elementary and middle school music programs, integrated core curriculum, nearly monthly field trips for each classroom, strong P.E. for every grade level, and fun community events, creating an inviting environment where students and families learn and thrive. Indigo is structured to provide teachers, parents, and students the opportunity to work together to create a positive, harmonious community that promotes wellness. With our dedicated, passionate teachers providing engaging, relevant, and meaningful curriculum using project-based, hands-on learning opportunities, and our parents leading enrichment and elective centers, Indigo is a community dedicated to promoting life-long learning and helping each child reach their fullest potential.
STEAM @ Stipe is a K-6 school that provides the earliest access to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) within project-based learning and SEAL educational designs. We inspire and engage all students with a transformational approach where students learn by doing. Through our partnerships with Silicon Valley companies, our purpose is to develop our diverse population. We value the diverse cultural backgrounds of our students, teachers, families, and community. Earliest Access - 
Starting in Kindergarten, students engage in opportunities that explore real-world problems, developing an early foundation for STEAM skills. Varied Learning Spaces - Students have access to a new MakerSpace, outdoor learning areas, and flexible, modular seating in classrooms. Integrated Approach -  Culturally responsive instruction in which students are guided to make connections across the content areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and math while developing strong
academic language and literacy skills. Development of Growth Mindset - Through design challenges and project-based learning (PBL), students will cultivate a problem-solving mindset, seek out challenges and see them as opportunities to grow. Strong Partnerships - In addition to community involvement, we leverage Silicon Valley high tech firms and access to their resources
to facilitate authentic experiences.
DUAL LANGUAGE - Dual Language Immersion is a unique educational model where children learn to think, read, write and communicate in two languages: English and Spanish. Children who are educated in two languages have stronger self-esteem with more tolerance for, and more interest in, other cultures.
We offer three Dual Language Program Locations:
Two-Way Bilingual Immersion @ Christopher Elementary TK-6
TWBI at Christopher School offers the opportunity for students to become Bilingual and Biliterate leaders for the 21st Century. The program is designed for both English and Spanish speaking students. Our program begins in Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten with 90% of the instruction in Spanish and 10% in English. Each year, we increase English instruction by 10% until we reach 50% in Fourth grade. Fifth and Sixth grade continue instruction at 50% in Spanish and 50% in English to reach academic proficiency in two languages. Through instruction, students will learn the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People using The Leader In Me program. 
• Leads students in Obtaining the Bi-Literacy Pathway Award to prepare students for the CA SEAL of Biliteracy Award
• Is a Model School for Research Based Best Teaching Practices (Sobrato Early Academic Language, SEAL)
• Is a Model School for The Leader In Me

Bilingual Program @ Edenvale Elementary School, Grades K-5

Serving native Spanish speakers, our powerful bilingual maintenance program teaches students to read, write and speak fluently in both English and Spanish.  Students build a strong sense of identity by celebrating the cultures they represent.  Our program model starts in grade K with Spanish taught 90% of the day, and English 10%.  The amount of English increases by 10% each year until grades four and five, when there is a balance between the two languages, 50% in each. Students participate in a full curriculum, which incorporates Language and Literacy with Science, the Arts, Social Science and Technology as they collaborate, solve problems and construct knowledge in their pursuit of global citizenry.

•Demonstration Site for the Sobrato Early Academic Language Model (SEAL),

•National Academies of Science, Engineering and Math as a “Promising Practice”

• Leads students in Obtaining the Bi-Literacy Pathway Award to prepare students for the CA SEAL of Biliteracy Award


TWBI offers an impressive and unique opportunity to learn to read, write, and speak naturally and fluently in two languages: English and Spanish are the target languages for the program. This program serves grades TK-8*. TK to 1st grade uses a 90/10 instruction model (students are taught 90% of the day in Spanish and 10% in English). The percentage of time taught in English increases each year by 10% until grade 5 when it becomes 50/50 through the end of grade 8 (50% Spanish/50% English). 

  • Incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) as part of its curriculum in all grades.
  • Completing K-8 provides a pathway to students for the CA State Seal of Biliteracy on a high school diploma.
  • Cognitive, academic, and economic benefits; socio-cultural awareness; and higher standardized test scores with increased appreciation for our multicultural world.

*Students may enter TWBI up to first grade. Students who previously attended a similar program or pass a Spanish assessment may be considered in later grades. The program will extend one grade level each year, until 2023, when it serves its first 8th-grade class.  TWBI Admissions

Virtual Learning Academy (K-8) at Anderson Elementary

Oak Grove Virtual Learning Academy, is an established, alternative instructional program through which all enrolled pupils in grades K-8 may achieve curriculum objectives in a setting other than the regular classroom. Virtual Learning Academy gives parents the opportunity to teach their children at home with support from a supervising, credentialed teacher. This program offers monthly Class Days and Field Trips to build a vibrant community of learners of all age groups. These are standards-based and designed to enrich the curriculum for all students.
The Virtual Learning Academy is FREE of charge and open to all students in the Oak Grove School District and to all students in Santa Clara County and the adjoining counties of Santa Cruz, San Mateo, San Joaquin, Alameda, Stanislaus, Merced and San Benito with an inter-district transfer.
The fully online program is rigorous, relevant and focused on high expectations for all students. It is district-approved and aligned with the Common Core State Standards. The program offers educational class days and field trips that are designed to promote the social and emotional development of students who are learning at home.