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Oak Grove School District

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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a policy-making body which has the complete and final control over local school matters subject only to state and federal regulations governing the operation of the District. BOARD POLICIES are available here, as well as at the District Office.
Jacquelyn Adams, President 
Trustee term expires: 2018
Member Since 1991
Dennis Hawkins, Secretary/Clerk
Trustee term expires: 2018
Member Since 1994
John Mackey
Trustee term expires: 2020 
Member Since 2016 
Mary Noel 
Trustee term expires: 2020  
Member Since 2008
Carolyn Bauer 
Trustee term expires: 2018  
Member Since 2012

Composition of the Board
The Board of Trustees is made up of five members who serve for a term of four years. The terms of office are staggered with elections held every two years. The Superintendent is appointed by the Board and serves as its secretary and chief administrative officer.

Meetings of the Board of Trustees
The Board welcomes you to all of its meetings and encourages your constructive participation. The meetings provide an avenue for any citizen to express his/her interest in and concern for the schools. At the meeting, a brochure will be available which describes some of the procedures followed by the Board of Trustees in conducting District business and to advise you on how to participate in the process. Current as well as past Board meeting agendas are available for viewing here. The minutes of all Board meetings are also viewable here, or at the district office.

Procedures for Submitting Matters for Consideration
In order that the Board may fairly and adequately discharge its overall responsibility, citizens who wish to make requests or proposals to the Board are requested to direct these to the Superintendent, who will take appropriate action in accordance with the policies adopted by the Board of Trustees.