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District Vision Awards

In the 2020-2021 school year employees and students of Oak Grove School District will be recognized for meeting or exceeding the district's Vision.

Recipients were recognized by the Board of Trustees on October 8, 2020 based on the following criteria: 

  • Develops and implements a variety of instructional strategies, which consistently matches the delivery of curriculum with the learning style of students and objectives of the lesson, and provides positive student results.
  • Provides an environment inside or outside the classroom, which gives students an opportunity to be involved in active learning experiences for exploration, discovery, and enhancement for social, emotional and academic skills, and to actively connect what they are learning with their life experiences.
  • Recruits, develops and/or participates in parent and community partnerships and/or activities, which provide opportunities for active involvement to support the instructional program.
  • Evaluates and implements a balanced curriculum, which is research-based and student-centered.  Assesses student learning, reflects, and refines curriculum to meet the needs of all students.

Alissa Garcia – Teacher, 5th/6th Grade

Anne Sanfilippo – Teacher, 3rd/4th Grade

Chernell Paige – Teacher, Transitional Kindergarten

Elizabeth Kerridge – Teacher, 1st Grade

Erin Thompson – Teacher, 3rd Grade

Katherine Pyne – Teacher, 2nd/3rd Grade

Kristin Weiss – Teacher, 5th Grade

Lauren Fujishin – Teacher, 2nd/3rd Grade

Luis Velasquez – Teacher, 6th Grade

Madeline Marshall – Teacher, 4th Grade

Maureen Lytle – Teacher, SDC 3rd/4th Grade

Megan Wells – Teacher, 4th/5th Grade

Nikki Citerella – School Counselor

Norma Corton – Teacher, 2nd Grade

Rachel Kralyevich – Teacher, 1st Grade

Roxanna Chita Williams – Teacher, SDC 7th/8th Grade

Sahira Larios Silva – Teacher, Bilingual Kindergarten

Sandra Sanchez – Teacher, RSP

Tierney Genoar – Teacher, Math 7th Grade

Tracy Sanders – Speech Language Pathologist

Recipients were recognized by the Board of Trustees on October 8, 2020 based on the following criteria:


  • Develops, seeks out and attends or facilitates ongoing professional development programs that reflect current research and exemplary practices, and successfully implements new learnings, and serves as a model or coach for others.
  • Aggressively recruits quality staff who are committed to excellence and able to meet the diverse needs of students and community.
  • Consistently seeks feedback about job performance; engages in peer coaching activities and training that supports reflection and self/peer evaluation; develops support systems to enhance professional understanding and continuous improvement; reflects and critically uses feedback for improvement.
  • Is an exemplary model of the District Core Values. 


Adriana Chavez – Biliterate School Secretary

Angelika Ward – Teacher, 3rd Grade

Debi Rivas-Klem – Administrative Secretary, Confidential

Edith Paredes – Instructional Assistant, SDC

Elizabeth Zapien – Media Clerk

Erin Chadda – Teacher, 3rd Grade

Florence Thisquen – Teacher, 2nd/3rd Grade

Georga McCauley – School Secretary

Heather Samson – Teacher, 6th Grade

Janelle Biskup – Teacher, 5th Grade

Janice Ickert – School Secretary

Jennifer Provenzano – Teacher, 5th Grade

Kelley Sproat – School Secretary

Luis Contreras – Lead Custodian

Maria Nardi-Leon – Teacher, 2nd Grade

Mira Scherr – Teacher, 3rd Grade

Olga Gonzalez – Lead Custodian

Renee Glick – School Health Clerk

Robert Prola – Teacher, 4th Grade

Sandy Carranza – Teacher, Bilingual 1st Grade

Shannon Rose – Speech Language Pathologist

Sierra Silva – Teacher, Language Arts 7th/8th Grade

Tiffany McFarren – Teacher, Math 7th/8th Grade

Recipients were recognized by the Board of Trustees on November 12, 2020 based on the following criteria:


  • Demonstrates effective interpersonal skills by consistently and actively helping to promote effective group interaction and opinions in ways that are sensitive to the feelings or knowledge base of others.
  • Uses effective techniques to clearly communicate a positive District image to the community in a highly creative and insightful manner.
  • Consistently and effectively disseminates written information in a positive manner that is timely, clear and concise.



Sezkov Rivera – School Psychologist 



Lisa Weller – School Secretary



Jennie Becker – Special Education Teacher



Mike Brittain – 8th Grade STEM Teacher



Erika Alvarez – School Counselor

Julia Carrasco – School Counselor



Jenny Chan – 6th Grade Teacher



Paula Sahagun – Community Liaison



Denise Cook – Administrative Secretary

Luz Maria Panuco – Biliterate Administrative Secretary

Cecily Vu – Biliterate Executive Secretary

Sarah Griffiths – English Learner Teaching Partner

Eva Marcoida – English Learner Teaching Partner

Karin Vieira – English Learner Teaching Partner



Patricia Boskovich – Kinder Teacher

Heather Turner – 1st Grade Teacher



Joan Fossum – Kinder Teacher

Seana Lanoie – TK Teacher

Megan McGrady – Kinder Teacher

Natalie Viera – Kinder Teacher



Teresa Estavillo – AP Secretary

Lakisha White – School Counselor



Tania Vong – PTA Secretary         



Steve Harmon – Ed Tech Specialist

Bruce Neff – Ed Tech Specialist

Sergio Rizzi – Ed Tech Specialist

Rakesh Lad – IT Manager



Vivian Valentin – Noon Duty



Cindy Bish – 6th Grade Teacher



Monica Lun – TK Teacher

Sarah Nolan – 4th Grade Teacher



Alejandra Martinez – Kinder Teacher

Recipients were recognized by the Board of Trustees on January 16, 2020 based on the following criteria:


  • Actively seeks out and creatively plans for maximum use of time and money and the effective use of human and material resources in the school and community.
  • Effectively plans and implements for the best use of resources.
  • Provides ongoing and constructive evaluation of the use of resources and the impact of the planned use on students, the classroom, and/or the school environment.
Dina Guittap – Health Clerk
Elaine Drake – Library Clerk

Lina Sar – Science Teacher

Maribel Fong – 2nd Grade Teacher
Cindy Inman – Library Clerk

Kristina Borrego – Community Liaison II
Debbie Rothacher – Administrative Secretary
Elysabeth Queffelec – Health Clerk
Carla Dickerson – School Secretary

Christina Chin – Science Teacher
Christine Lovejoy – Music Teacher
Julie Rehbock – Special Education Teacher
Alicia Wong – ELTP Biliterate Instructional Aide

Carlos Mercado Lopez – Lead Custodian
Valerie Burrows – 4th Grade Teacher

Kristen Lindseth Reed – Parent Volunteer
Julie Rau – SDC 3rd/4th Grade Teacher

Prathiba Adamo – 6th Grade Teacher
Rachel Brown – RSP Teacher
Linda Hart – RSP Instructional Assistant

Recipients were selected for the 2019-2020 Student Success Vision Award based on the following criteria:


  • Accepts responsibility leading to personal accomplishment.
  • Successfully and continually demonstrates self-directed learning skills.
  • Effectively uses a variety of complex reasoning strategies and is able to solve problems from multiple points of view.
  • Effectively contributes to school and society by taking responsibility for behavior and academic requirements, volunteers for classroom school-wide and community service and participates collaboratively. Assumes constructive leadership roles in the classroom or school.
  • Effectively and consistently demonstrates academic excellence in all core curricular areas


Valeria Jaral Guzman – 3rd Grade

Valeria is a leader both inside and outside the classroom walls. She is kind, empathetic, and strong-willed, always caring for herself and others. In times of need, Valeria is always the first to step up and take appropriate action, whether it's helping a classmate who was injured on the playground, offering support to her peers during academic activities, or taking initiative to get things done around the classroom. Valeria is always the one willing to do the work and lead others towards success. Valeria is incredibly academically motivated. She is an active and enthusiastic participant in class, often taking what she learns in lessons to further pursue her interests. When given the chance to do "challenge" activities or other extensions, Valeria is always ready to go. Valeria is always asking questions in class, clarifying directions when in need, and explores her curiosity fully. She is determined and has the perseverance to keep going even when she feels challenged. Valeria has worked hard on developing her critical thinking skills this year. She has a great understanding of why and how things work, and looks for multiple ways to solve problems. Valeria takes her schooling very seriously. She is dedicated to her academic progress and is a model for student behavior. Valeria always looks out for others. She is a leader in my classroom and always looks out for opportunities to help her classmates. She regularly asks me and other teachers if she can volunteer in our classrooms during recess or lunch, helps to clean up the classroom and playground, and has run for student government this year. Valeria acts as the medic in our classroom, offering compassionate support for students who are injured. When asked to be a leader, Valeria is always up for the task. Valeria works hard both in school and at home. She has shown that she can read, write, and solve math problems at a third grade level and consistently looks for ways to improve. She is motivated by learning and loves to share her passion with her friends. Valeria is a shining example of kindness, leadership, self-motivated learning, and general excellence in my classroom! My class and our school are so lucky to have her; she inspires me to be a better educator and learner, and makes the world around her a special place.                                                                             


Emmalina Acosta - 6th Grade

Emmalina has grown tremendously. She has worked hard and grown in school and is a positive contributor to the classroom and community. She has accepted responsibility for her learning and personal accountability for her academic and social relationships. Emmalina has moved into far less restrictive environments since beginning in Oak Grove School District.  Currently, she navigates a combo class with success and commitment. Her growth would never have been achieved if she hadn't been committed to her own success, as she has been. Emmalina works academically and socially on seeing things from multiple perspectives and problem solves without giving up. Emmalina is friendly. She was quick to introduce herself to the new Principal and get to know her, even though she missed her old Principal. She helped out the Kindergarten students get settled at the beginning of the year and always willing to offer a helping hand to anyone at school when asked.  She is truly a model of kindness and compassion. She hears all sides of situations and is mature in that area beyond her years. Emmalina has grown to monumental feats academically and shows a commitment to bettering herself, even if faced with challenges. Emma is kind and patient. She has shown tremendous commitment to success both academically and interpersonally. Her teachers and administrator consider her a model Bulldog and believe she represents what all students should be in compassion and growth mindset. Few students have demonstrated the growth and change that has been demonstrated by Emma. Anderson will miss her next year.                                                     




Ella Feldman – 1st Grade

A very responsible student and leader among her peers.       High academics, wants to learn, always participates in class discussions and shares thoughtful points of view.  One of the strongest young leaders I've ever seen! Always works hard, demonstrates excellence.      Ella is a sweet, empathetic, intelligent leader!             


Milan Martinez– 5th Grade

Very responsible student - always does her personal best. Always does all her work. She perseveres in trying to learn - she doesn't give up when faced with difficult concepts. She embodies the Baldwin way in demonstrating respect, responsibility and is an up stander. She is well liked by all her peers. She goes above and beyond in all her work. If we could clone her we would!     




Teddy Nguyen– 7th Grade

He consistently meets these criteria, especially in seeking out feedback both academically and socially/personally to improve as a student and as a person. Additionally, his involvement in the classroom as a role model, a positive peer example for his group mates/classmates, is often seen as he builds others up. He has also taken time to join CJSF and immediately began working on his volunteer hours and finding ways to be innovative and creative in his assistance.


Fabiola Borrayo – 8th Grade

Takes initiative to lead her soccer team, does well in classes, can be counted on to do the right thing, volunteers to help fellow students, and is all around amazing




Alyson Gomez Umana - 1st Grade

Jared Urias – 6th Grade

Sienna Trujillo-Reyes – 8th Grade




Matthew Truong – 7th Grade

Matthew shows personal responsibility and great effort in his accomplishments. Matthew needs little assistance and participates well in all his classes. Matthew challenges himself to achieve top-notch academic marks. Matthew is a leader and demonstrates positive behavior in all academic classes and activities. Matthew has earned A grades in all his classes for his entire 7th grade year thus far. Matthew maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout the entire basketball season while showing up, giving 100%, demonstrating grit and leadership at every practice (including all the 6am ones).  He is helpful and demonstrates our behavior expectations of Excellence, Respect, and Safety here at Davis. We are proud at what he has accomplished in his 7th grade year so far and look forward to having him continue his success as an 8th grader in the Fall.             


Savannah Bruton – 8th Grade

Savannah is mature, responsible and always strives to do her best. She is an independent learner who is confident in her learning. Savannah is a good problem-solver and is able to take in multiple points of view, especially in her role as Student Body President. Savannah is very involved in all aspects of school. She serves as this year's Student Body President, is a representative in the Student Advisory Committee that meets monthly with the Superintendent, serves as a sports manager, and a teacher assistant. She maintains a 4.0 GPA (all A's in all subject areas). Savannah is a leader in every way.  She is awesome in the classroom and outside. She has a positive attitude and models strong academics and sportsmanship. She is able to manage many leadership responsibilities, as well as her individual academic excellence.                                                                                    



Luis Andre Cortes Leon– 3rd Grade

Luis is very reflective of his work and puts effort into his academics. Luis shows focus and is eager to share his best work. Luis isa very good listener and likes to work with partners to share ideas. Luis can always be counted to help clean up and be a good role model for other students at all times. Luis has improved tremendously and has shown growth in all areas. Luis stands out as an extraordinary student who has shown that with perseverance and hard work, you can reach your goal and overpass it.                                                                   


Meah Turner – 6th Grade

Meah is a very responsible student who takes ownership of all that she does and makes sure to try her best at school. She is self-driven to succeed even when tasks are very difficult to accomplish. She makes sure that she is making the best choices to improve and doesn't let others distract her from her goals. She is a very proactive student who makes every effort to do her best. Meah takes her time to analyze work and situations to make the best decision possible. She is a very good listener and is empathetic to her classmates and school staff. Meah is a role model student that can be counted to support everyone in the school. Even when presented with a challenge, she tries her best and always gives a smile. She has shown great progress in her academics and continues to show us what she is capable of achieving. Meah has a lot to offer our school and our community as a whole. Meah is a self-motivated student who has overcome many challenges and has stayed focused on improving. She is a role model to follow and is such a caring and considerate individual to everyone. We are all looking forward to having her continue to be that positive role model who will consistently give to others without any hesitation.                                                                                    



Jennifer Barron – 3rd Grade

Jennifer has made amazing growth this year in all areas.  Not only the measurable ones, but her outgoingness and entrepreneurial spirit. She researched and began raising chickens a while back. This year, they began laying eggs. So she has started to sell them! All the money she earns goes first, to the chickens’ care and then in her college fund. She has used her knowledge to present to the class and kinder/TK buddies, and write nonfiction and fictional texts. She works hard, no matter what kinds of outward distractions are around her. She is self-motivated and is a role model, though she has not strived to be so, for her peers. They often follow her example and seek her opinion on problem solving strategies.


Karla Delgadillo – 6th Grade

She is the class president and is a humble, honest, and motivated leader. She participates actively in classroom discussions and seeks understanding to make sure that she not only meets but exceeds standards. She has exceeded standards in both ELA and Math. Her excellence in reasoning has led her to not make great gains in her test scores but to produce projects that provide sophisticated solutions to complex problems. As student council president, Karla leads a large team of students in recycling, school spirit activities, and fundraising. She brings a collaborative and positive attitude to everything she does. Karla receives high marks in all of her subjects. Karla is an all around student. She is high achieving, is constantly trying to advance her learning.                                




Hunter Gutierrez – 3rd Grade

She is a member of our Junior Coaches who support other students in playing games safely and respectfully.              Hunter is persistent and a hard worker. Hunter is a kind and hard-working student who does her best while supporting others.


Valeria Vargas – 6th Grade

Valeria Vargas is a driven 6th grade student.  She is focused on doing her best in all academic areas.  She volunteers for school activities and cares about other students.                                                                        




Sofia    Stilwell – 3rd Grade

Sofia is a great, motivated, awesome in academics, involved in all school culture kind of kid. She is a good motivator and a great role model in class with her peers. 


Belle    Jacobsen – 6th Grade

Belle has been an amazing student at our school since the very first years she attended Hayes. She works hard to stay on task, help others, participate, and produce only the best work. She has a deep love for our school by showing great spirit and making our school the best it can be. She volunteers and serves whenever possible and is a role model to many. She truly deserves this Student Vision Award because of all that she does to make Hayes better.                                                                                  



Sophia Pfeilsticker – 7th Grade

She takes pride in connecting with other students as well, doing well academically in the classroom and helping others achieve this success. She continually has successes in the classroom and seeks to understand concepts by asking inquisitive questions in the classroom. When working with in the Adventure program, she is constantly collaborating with other peers in planning projects as well getting input from others for ideas. She is constantly thinking of ways to best support her peers in project planning and takes responsibility in exhibiting excellence throughout her schooling. During the year, she presents at Exhibition Nights in which students exhibit their work and present their findings to the community of the school. She demonstrates academic excellence by maintaining a 3.5 GPA over the course of the semester and scores well in meeting honors level work in the classroom. She has a genial disposition exhibiting the utmost decorum when speaking to adults and students. On a continual basis, she works at showing her academic skills by doing well in the classroom and supporting those around her with ideas.                                                                        




Jenika Fernando – 8th Grade

She leads her peers in being the Adventure class President leaving her group in the planning of student activities, leading ASB meetings, and excels in doing academically well in areas of her academics. When she has a question, she is constantly searching for the answer and thinks of ways in continually supporting her constituents through ASB and seeking to find solutions to problems. When problems arise, she thinks of how she can best support her fellow peers through problem solving and seeks to find answers to solutions.   She continually seeks out how to assist in the classroom and provides peer tutoring to the students in the classroom. In addition, she participates in the school's CJSF Chapter finding ways to volunteer on campus. During school events, she participates in doing speeches to the school's community. She has maintained a 4.0 for every term and semester grade. She does well academically in the classroom maintaining a 4.0 GPA, participates in ASB and clubs on campus, and assists in a variety of ways of helping others.              




Akolea Evans – 2nd Grade

Akolea is a classroom leader in her class.  She supports peers who need help, she leads by example, and does excellent work. 


Lucia "Lucy" Ramirez-Vigil       - 8th Grade

As the student council president, Lucy organizes and leads her peers to promote school-wide spirit days, dances, and service projects.  Lucy is a hard-working, dedicated, and talented student.  She is a deep thinker who excels in all subject-areas.




Brooklyn Donofrio – 2nd Grade

Brooklyn always takes a role and has a positive attitude towards her academics. She spends many hours outside of school in a voluntary tutor group as well as weekends participating in extracurricular activities at Frost School. She shares different/complex reasoning skills that can be seen in her assignments and observed when orally sharing out in her class. She is a leader in her classroom as well as outside during unstructured activities. Her academics are taken seriously and she is really showing perseverance even when she finds something difficult. Brooklyn deserves this award because she models resiliency, perseverance and growth mindset.


Gabriel Perez – 6th Grade

Gabriel takes his individual academic goals seriously. He spends his recesses and lunchtime working on assignments and or extra work. Gabriel models complex reasoning skills when he shares ideas with class as well as when he is in collaboration groups. This year he has taken ownership for his behavior and academics. He is maintaining his academic grades, improving on all formative assessments and meeting his goals. Gabriel deserves this award because he has shown tremendous growth in his academics, behavior.




Lyla Lurker – 3rd Grade

When Lyla heard about the overdue lunch debt at Oak Ridge School during the holidays, she brought in the entire contents of her piggy bank to donate towards her classmates lunch debt. In class, Lyla gets right to work on her tasks. She works neatly and takes pride in her work. Lyla is quiet in class but works hard toward her tasks. She is working on her self-confidence skills in the whole group. Lyla loves to volunteer and help in the classroom. She is kind and helpful to her TK buddy. During the holidays when Oak Ridge was trying to collect donations towards student lunch debt, Lyla took it upon herself to start a fundraising campaign for the students at Oak Ridge. She donated all the money from her piggy bank and also collected donations from family and friends. She then came into the front office and donated over $400 towards the debt! All the proceeds went to help families that were not able to pay their lunch debt! She continues to attend after school academies and focuses on bringing her academics up! Lyla thinks and cares about others in need. She was concerned about school lunch debt, showed compassion and took action to help raise funds!                                                                    


Kiera "Haley" Chang– 6th Grade

Haley takes her time on all assignments and always asks for extra work. Haley will ask questions when needed, but she is extremely self-motivated and constantly looks for what she can work on next.         Haley has great insight within our group discussions and frequently asks questions or pushes classmates’ thinking. Anytime Haley finishes an assignment early, she asks if she can help with anything in the classroom. She has given up her recess multiple times to help with a task, or help another student with their work. Even during Super Saturdays, she is always willing to help out. Haley is a high achieving student that is consistently putting in work to improve. Her creativity and dedication to learning really sets her apart from her peers. See above, along with her selflessness and drive to improve any way she can. She constantly asks for iReady lessons to be assigned, asks what she can improve on, is always willing to help out the teacher or a peer.                                                                                



Jackson Pham – 3rd Grade

Jackson excels in all academic areas and is at the top of his class. He has overcome his fear of speaking in class, in groups, and for presentation, a fear he has had since he was little. He has grown in his academic achievement while gaining confidence.


Subha Shree Dayabaran Vignesh – 6th Grade

Subha is a true leader at Parkview, not only does she model being respectful, responsible, and safe, she excels academically, reading at an 8th grade level. This year Subha represents Parkview as our Student Body Council President and serves on the district wide Student Advisory Committee, meeting with student leaders from other schools and Superintendent Manzo once a month. We are very proud of Subha and her accomplishments.




Jayne Chen - 3rd Grade

Jayne is an outstanding student academically and socially. She is motivated to keep growing as a student. She is able to reflect on her performance and creates goals for herself. She is a determined problem solver during independent work, partner work and group work. Her peers love working with her. They say, “I love working with Jayne, I know that work will get done and we’ll do our best with it.” She took the initiative to form a group and plan a class presentation on how they celebrate the Chinese New Year. She also created an art project, modeled, and had her peers create it with her. Jayne is performing at grade level or above. Jayne is an outstanding student academically and socially. She does her best in every assignment and group work. She took the initiative to form a group and plan a class presentation on how they celebrate the Lunar New Year in her community. She also created an art project, modeled, and had her peers create it with her. She is caring and is always thinking on ways to make the class a better place for everyone.


Noah   Tabak - 6th Grade

He completes all his assignments at a high level-always to his personal best. He is a leader in and out of the classroom.  He is looked up to as a good friend and student. When he makes a mistake, he owns it and works hard to make it right. He is a high level, critical thinker and finds multiple ways to attack problems. He is very respectful to teachers and other adults on campus. He is patient and kind to his peers.  He has a great personality and is willing to help anyone. He is an active member of the classroom community. “He juggles multiple after school activities as well as maintaining good grades." Noah is a model student.




Kathleen Duong – 2nd Grade

Kathleen (2nd grade) is a model for student behavior. She is always on task and produces outstanding work. If Kathleen completes a task, she is always looking for ways to learn more and assist others. Kathleen is always willing to help her teacher and fellow classmates that need support.                                                       


Evan    Yarnes – 5th Grade

Evan is an unbelievable student. He is always on task and genuinely cares about the success of not only himself, but also his classmates. He exudes kindness, and has a talent of making all of those around him feel good through his positive energy. He's everything you'd want in a student and human being.




George Shannon – 3rd Grade

George takes on more responsibilities that is required of him. He not only does independent work, George is always willing to help others. George is a self-starter. It is extraordinary to observe a third grader perform the tasks asked of him and to find solutions to challenging problems. His dynamic approach to solving problems and his ability to speak about the process is impressive. He is a role model that all students at Stipe should aspire to. Often, George can be seen performing tasks beyond his grade level. He is academically strong and performs at an advanced level. George Shannon exemplifies all of the characteristics of the purpose of this award. Additionally, he is kind and helpful.  Always anticipating how he can better a situation and even though he's at the top of his class academically, he's also patient and supportive in helping others.  He helps his teacher in multiple ways and has a great sense of humor.                                                                                     

Dunrich Barcellano – 6th Grade

He takes responsibility seriously and performs all duties exceptionally. He is focused in class, full of excitement, and eager to learn new concepts. Dunrich is always willing to participate and intelligently responds to higher order thinking questions.  He understands that there are diverse ways in which problems can be solved.  If any arguments arise, he is the first to come in to resolve conflicts. He is excelling in all academic areas. Dunrich is always willing to participate and he loves to intelligently respond to higher order thinking questions. I also appreciate how he is also willing to listen to others, respecting and honoring their perspectives. Dunrich understands that there are diverse ways in which problems can be solved. He is an independent learner as he accomplishes his assignments with a spirit of excellence. When he finishes his assignments, he takes the initiative to assist other students in need of clarification or instruction.


I have noticed that on the playground, if any arguments arise, he is the first to come in to resolve conflicts as a peacemaker. In addition, he is an incredibly talented and coordinated basketball player, who gives other athletes a run for their money. Dunrich was also elected as our School Site Council Vice President. Daily, he helps make sure that the upper grade students are in quiet, calm, and respectful lines before they come upstairs for instruction. Dunrich also assists our Student Body President in making important decisions and coming up with events that inspire school spirit. I believe Dunrich is an amazing candidate for this prestigious award due to his excellence, respect, kindness, collaboration, and leadership qualities."                                                                                




Parth   Aggarwal – 3rd Grade

Parth listens attentively and immediately starts assignments, always working to his full potential and far exceeding his teacher's expectations. During Project Based Learning (PBL), for example, Parth not only is self-directed, but he also guides others to learn and grow. During Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI), he excels at problem solving and explains his thinking to his teammates and the class.  He is able to use a variety of strategies and explain each systematically and thoroughly. Parth is an exceptional leader.  He is great at compromising, and he leads by example.  He takes initiative to help his entire class succeed and exceed school-wide behavioral expectations.  He is a great team player! Parth demonstrates excellence and performs above standard in all areas.  He continues to push himself even though he is already excelling. Parth has consistently shown commitment toward his academic success.  He works tremendously hard in class and is always eager to tackle new challenges.  He's patient, kind, humble, and always there to lend a hand to someone in need.  He has gone out of his comfort zone this year by joining the school play, and is always looking for ways to grow and improve his skills in a variety of different areas.  He exemplifies our core values and shows positive leadership, especially while working on project-based learning assignments with his team.  He communicates kindly and effectively with his classmates and is always guiding his team along in the right direction by offering ideas and suggestions to help them think critically and problem solve.  Parth is definitely a shining star at Taylor School!


Olivia Johnson – 6th Grade

Olivia is proactive in asking questions to deepen understanding, and she is always willing to do more than expected.  Last year she accepted a leading role in the school musical, leading to more than just academic accomplishments.        Olivia is a self-directed learner.  She works to the best of her ability independently and in a group setting.  She is always looking to improve her work that is already of high quality. Olivia thinks objectively and is very empathetic.  Other students go to her for help. When class discussions are about controversial topics with multiple points of view, she is eager to consider and respect other people's opinions and ideas.  She truly appreciates learning about other perspectives. Olivia's behavior is outstanding.  She volunteers to help students who struggle.  She is a natural group facilitator.  Whenever help is needed in the classroom or school site, she happily volunteers. Olivia is a phenomenal student.  She excels in all academic areas.  She is creative and has the ability to critically think and analyze information and apply it to real life contexts.  Her Project Based Learning work is outstanding. Olivia is an amazing, well rounded student, and exceptionally kind hearted. She does extremely well academically and is always willing to help others without any complaints. She’s humble and honest. In the midst of students who are very extroverted and obviously stand out to the general public as successes or leaders, Olivia is someone who does not care to be in the spotlight, but still goes out of her way to do her good deeds and leads in a more subtle manner that often goes unrecognized.  Her ability to take initiative of her own learning and experiences, her genuine kindness, and her leadership skills make her an ideal candidate for this award.