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LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan)

Our district is currently collecting information to assist in our annual strategic planning process.  This information will inform our District LCAP, and your feedback helps us target our efforts and allocate our resources to best fit our students and school community.  Please take just a couple of minutes to answer our annual survey.  The information is very valuable to us, and the results will be reported in our strategic plans later this spring.


The survey is available in three languages: English, Spanish and Vietnamese and accessed using the links below.  The survey window will close on Friday, April 26th.  We appreciate and value your partnership!


ENGLISH LCAP Stakeholder Survey


SPANISH LCAP Stakeholder Survey


Vietnamese LCAP Stakeholder Survey

To ensure Every Child's Potential is Achieved, we are gathering input from stakeholders on the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).
You may fill out more than one survey if you have more than one child attending different schools. The information gathered in this survey will be important as part of the planning cycle for our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).
(paper copies of the survey are available at the school site)
Under LCFF, the responsibility for allocating funds to meet students’ needs is given to local governing boards. To demonstrate how funds will be used to address eight priorities established by the state, school districts must develop and approve a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) no later than July 1 each year. This three-year plan is to be updated annually. Once approved by the Board of Trustees, the LCAP will be the basis for expenditures in the District budget.

You can access the current OGSD Board Approved LCAP below: