Oak Grove School District

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School Consolidation

UPDATE: On February 8, 2018 the Board ratified the closure of Glider and Miner Schools. Del Roble remains open for further consideration. Baldwin Elementary is not closing, and the previous stipulation to reconsider Baldwin for closure in one year was removed.   

A Special Board Meeting is scheduled for March 1, 2018 at 6:00 PM at the District Office. The agenda will post 24 hours prior.
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Technology Bid Opportunities

REQUEST FOR BIDS #402-17A.11 - Wide Area Network Services

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS #18OGSD-470-C2-UPS - UPS Replacement for School MDF/IDF

REQUEST FOR PURPOSALS #18OGSD-470-C2-WAPS - Wireless Access Point Refresh/Replacement

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL #18OGSD-470-C2-CABLING - Cabling Infrastructure Rip & Replace
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