Indigo Program

indigoGrades Kindergarten – 8th

530 Gettysburg Dr.
San Jose, CA 95123
Ph: 408.225.1881
Fx: 408.224.8932




Principal – Indigo: Genvieve Dorsey

Secretary – Cheryl Caton

Welcome to Indigo. We are proud to provide a K-8 Choice program designed to educate the whole child, valuing the unique learning styles, skills, and abilities of each child so they will be prepared to make a positive impact on the world.

Housed on the Frost Elementary School campus, our close-knit community offers a safe, caring and nurturing learning environment for the children and a support network for the teachers and families. We provide multi-age interactions and theme-based, constructivist learning activities through a positive discipline approach. The Positive Discipline approach fosters cooperation, self-regulation, community, mutual respect and problem solving skills with logical and natural consequences.

Strong parent involvement, a vital component of the Indigo Program, allows us to not only lower the student/adult ratio in the classroom, but also fulfills the many parent involvement opportunities that make the Indigo Program an effective, hands-on, community-oriented environment.

Our dedicated and experienced credentialed teachers and parents lead project-based and hands on enrichment and elective centers creating a learning environment that is engaging, meaningful, has real world applications.

Our strong PTA, wonderful enrichment programs: K-8 art, elementary and middle school music programs, integrated core curriculum, nearly monthly field trips for each classroom, strong P.E. for every grade level and fun community events have made the Indigo Program a place where students and families learn and thrive.

Please visit our PTA sponsored website for more information at

Indigo collaborates with Frost School on the three plans below:

Frost SPSA 2015-16

Frost Safe School Plan 2015-16

Frost SARC 2015-16

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