Bernal Intermediate School

bronco 2Grades 7-8

6610 San Ignacio Ave.
San Jose, CA 95119
Ph: 408.578.5731
Fx: 408.578.7367

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Bernal SPSA 2015-16

Bernal SARC 2015-16

Bernal Safe School Plan 2015-16


Principal: Dr. Jamal Splane

Assistant Principal: Janine Stovall
Secretaries: Sally Schmidt, Eileen Rozanski


Welcome to Bernal Intermediate School. We are honored to have you and your child with us this school year. Bernal Intermediate is a four-time recipient of the California Distinguished School and the local Business Association, Honor Roll School. Our mission to maintain a successful school environment for all students in the 21st century is evident daily, with academic, athletic and fine art opportunities. Furthermore, we meet student needs by implementing the Essential Attributes and Characteristics of Successful Schools for Young Adolescents listed by the Association of Middle Level Schools: Developmentally Responsive, Challenging, Empowering and Equitable.

We are dedicated to academic growth through rigorous instruction, growth goals and on-going learning that is student centered and teacher guided, for the innovative learning with the 21st century. Here at Bernal Intermediate, our Bronco’s are ready to RISE to success. With our Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS), Bronco students RISE to the expectations of our school learning environment with the mantra of always maintaining integrity, responsibility, respect, and safety (RISE). Students can receive Bronco Bucks from any staff member on campus, as a recognition for their positive choices and seen dedication to RISE. Our student store is therefore, open two day per week where students can turn in their earned “bronco bucks” for various items of choice. This has become a wonderfully new incentive for making choices.

Furthermore, we believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. We believe that a partnership between parents and school is essential in meeting the ever-changing needs of our young people. We believe in embracing all our unique cultures, and communities and want all to be “connected” to our school. We strive to hold the highest of expectations with all staff and students. Moreover, our teaching staff continues to work together in collaborative professional learning teams to enhance the academics and social-emotional growth of all students. We want to ensure that all students are readily prepared for college and career ready paths that incorporate collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication; thus following the Common Core Standards.

Our continuous goal for 2015 will be the focus on technology and the incorporation of various modes in the classroom learning area. Bernal will be working on a school Twitter handle, Facebook forum and a closer 1:1 technology ratio. Let me extend my appreciation to all of you for supporting our technical needs and working closely with our business community to ensure our students have a competitive edge with STEM opportunities on a daily basis.




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