Glider Elementary School

grizzleGrades Kindergarten – 6th

511 Cozy Dr.
San Jose, CA 95123
Ph: 408.227.1505
Fx: 408.224.8386

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Glider Safe School Plan 2015-16

Glider SARC 2015-16

Glider SPSA 2015-16

Welcome to Glider Elementary School.

Welcome to Glider Elementary School! Glider Elementary serves a vibrant, culturally diverse community in San Jose, California. Glider students are enthusiastic learners. In relationship with our parents and community, we support, challenge and prepare our students as they progress in their educational journey. It is our expectation that when our students leave Glider they are prepared to be successful in middle school, to complete high school A-G requirements, and to be eligible to attend the college of their choice. In addition, we prepare our students to be lifelong learners and knowledgeable individuals. Our expectations are that students will be respectful, responsible members that encourage others and make good choices critical to a successful life experience.

We incorporate hands-on activities, cultural experiences, Kindergarten readiness and play to build a strong foundation for our children’s future.

Parent engagement: Our parents are engaged with our school and we have a “can do” PTA that holds many functions and fundraisers throughout the year. The proceeds contribute to the many supplementary programs at Belle Air including a high quality physical education program and a weeklong outdoor education experience for our fifth grade students each year.

Technology: Technology is a priority for Glider. Every classroom is equipped with an LCD projector, document camera and “streaming” to bring the world into the classroom to enhance and deepen student learning. Our second through fifth grade students use Engage New York, a mathematical reasoning and problem-solving program. We will soon have a 1 to 5 ratio of computer to student. In addition, there is a computer labs which students access multiple times each week and two 21st century classrooms.

Meeting all student needs: We have a full-time “intervention” teacher to provide additional help for those students who are one or more grade levels behind their peers. We have a full-time resource teacher, part time speech teacher and Psychologist to provide services for selected students such as those students with special needs. High achieving and GATE students are provided with activities of greater depth and complexity.

You are welcome to visit our campus and see for yourself the rich and abundant learning going on at Glider Elementary and in Oak Grove School District.


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