Educational Services Department

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Asselin, Jackie Secretary GATE, Flyer Approval, Summer Programs 100279
Shannon Bui-Anido Coordinator CCSS Math, Parent Nights 100263
Cornia, Paula Principal on Special Assignment English Learners, Title 1 100268
Duong, Quynh Community Liaison 100277
Gremich, Melissa Secretary Special Education 100247
Green, Katherine

Guerra, Nora

Program Specialist


Special Education

Innovations, Grants



Harris, Kathy Director Learning Communities 100266
Hing-Pacheco, Julie Director Special Education 100246
Inda, Yolanda, Secretary English Learners 100267
Jahns, Sharon Secretary Budgets 100236
Susan Kind Coordinator BTSA, ELA CCSS 100260
Larsen-Darr, Marie Secretary Special Education 100252
Lee-Miller, Julie Nurse 100253
London, Louise Library Services Library and Media Services 100353
McConville, Sheila Nurse 100278
Musinipally, Raji Coordinator Community Involvement, PreSchool, TK 100263
Ortiz, Oscar Director Student Services 100249
Panuco, Luz Secretary English Learners 100274
Robles, Hector, Technical Assistant Testing, Student Information Systems 100265
Sutton, Barbara, Secretary Student Services 100264
Valerie Ruiz Coordinator Special Education 100335
Veloz, Mary Secretary Choice, Interdistricts Transfers 100208
Jeannine Luna-McCoy Teacher Visual and Performing Arts 100414
Lynne Bergna Teacher Visual and Performing Arts 100416
Stephanie Campbell Teacher Visual and Performing Art 100416
Vu, Cecily Administrative Assistant Educational Services 100273
Wetzel, Maria Assistant Superintendent Educational Services 100270

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