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Proficiency in 21st Century skills is the new civil rights of all students.

Oak Grove elementary and intermediate school staff are committed to ensuring all students are proficient.








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Elementary   Schools Principal’s Name Email Address School Phone Number
Anderson School Christy Flores (408)225-6556
Baldwin School Joyce Millner (408)226-3370
Bernal Junior High Jamal Splane (408)578-5731
Christopher School Bill Abraham (408)227-8550
Davis Junior High Kim Kianidehkian (408)227-0616
Del Roble School Yolanda Ross (408)225-5675
Edenvale School Ryan Haven (408)227-7060
Frost School Manuel Villalpando (408)225-1881
Indigo Genvieve Dorsey  (408)225-1881
Glider School Vivian Martin (408)227-1505
Hayes School Tracy Cochran (408)227-0424
Herman Junior High Laura Meusel (408)226-1886
Ledesma School Tammy Unck (408)224-2191
Miner School Lisa Barlesi (408)225-2144
Non-Public Schools (408)227-8300 x 100252
Oak Grove Pre-School Chan Chan Tran
Oak Grove School District (408)227-8300
Oak Ridge School Sheetal Singh (408)578-5900
Parkview School Amy Boles (408)226-4655
Sakamoto School Jenay Enna (408)227-3411
Santa Teresa School Mark Lepori (408)227-3303
Stipe School Virgilio Caruz (408)227-7332
Taylor School Betsy Fitch (408)226-0462
The Academy Oscar Ortiz (408)226-2350

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