Independent Study Program (ISP)

Independent Study Program (ISP)

Long Term Independent Study Program (ISP) – 2016-17

Del Roble Elementary School, 5345 Avenida Almendros, San Jose, CA 95123, Portable 3.

The Oak Grove School District is offering two instructional program options for TK-8 families enrolled in ISP. Both curriculum options are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Option 1: For K-8 grade students, the EngageNY curriculum in English Language Arts and Math is provided. The curriculum provided for Science and Social Studies is the current, district-adopted curriculum.

For students in Transitional Kindergarten, the standards are a blend of the preschool foundations and the Kindergarten common core standards. All curriculum include a grade level teacher’s guide, student workbooks, and all supporting materials.

Option 2: For TK-8 grade students, the online k-12 curriculum is offered in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, as well as one elective course in Art, Foreign Language, or Music Appreciation.

This is a personalized educational option that helps students reach their potential and achieve their goals. Key success factors for students using the online program includes the exceptional curriculum, the individualized learning program, and support from professional, dedicated teachers. Reading books, student workbooks and supporting materials will be mailed to the student’s home to use and return at the end of the year.

ISP Highlights:

  • Students will conference individually with the ISP teacher several times a year for guidance on progression through the curriculum and to assess growth and measure mastery.
  • Students also have the option to attend enrichment programs.
    • Participate in the Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) program along with Del Roble students
    • Go on educational field trips in multi-aged groups
  • The ISP is aligned with state and federal guidelines for Independent Study

Independent Study for traveling students/families:

Will you be leaving town for more than 10 school days? Please make sure to let your child’s teacher and school secretary know and ask for the parent information document for travelers.

The school district’s Independent Study Program (ISP) will provide school work for your child which will maintain good attendance!

Traveling Students to do list:

At Least Five School Days Prior to Departure:

  1. Notify school secretary of travel dates.
  2. Call or email Independent Study Program – 408-578-6032/
    1. Student Name
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Grade & Teacher
    4. School
    5. Travel Dates
    6. Parent Name and Contact Information

Before Departure:

  1. Meet with Independent Study Supervising Teacher by appointment
  2. Sign Independent Study Agreement
  3. Receive student work to be completed while traveling

Upon Return:

  1. Meet with Independent Study Supervising Teacher by appointment.
  2. Provide ALL completed work.
    1. The student must complete all work provided in order to receive credit for attendance.
  3. Return to school site.

For information, contact:

Supervising Teacher: Catherine Olson at, Phone: 408-225-5675 Ext. 312241 or 408-578-6032

Educational Services Coordinator: Raji Musinipally at


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