3d-widescreen-wallpaper (7)In Oak Grove School District, we believe that every student can achieve high levels.  Therefore, a fundamental aim of our educational programs to ensure that each student posses the competence and confidence that would guarantee “success at the next level”.  Getting them there is our collective responsibility and shared commitment as parents, educators, and community.  This is an opportunity we embrace wholeheartedly.

Effective teaching, capable instructional leadership and strong relationships are crucial to realizing our community’s hopes and dreams for student learning and development.

Oak Grove School District Departments

Business: Purchasing and Publications, Payroll, Accounting, Instructional Technology

Child Nutrition Services

Human Resources: Recruiting, Hiring, Figure Printing, Substitute Employees

Educational Services: Curriculum, Instruction, Student Services, Nurses, Special Education, Choice, Interdistricts, PreSchool, Programs for English Learners, Special Education

Maintenance, Operations & Transportation


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